Do you retouch the photos?
Yes. I edit and retouch ALL the photos delivered to you. My portfolio is the best examples of the final pictures you would expect.

Do you do studio shooting?
Yes, I do. I have portable studio setting which I can bring to your home. There will be a $50 extra charge for studio shooting.

Can I choose the location to photograph my pet?
Yes! You are free to decide where to photograph your pet, up to three different locations each session. Whether indoor or outdoor, I'm happy to travel up to 20 miles from the zip code 90025. A travel fee of $1/mile will be applied if more than 20 miles. If multiple locations, please have them within 10 minutes from each other for time efficiency.

Will the digital files I receive include watermark?

Can I get the images printed anywhere I want?
You are free to get them printed anywhere you want ! That's actually what I prefer since I no longer offer prints. All photo sessions include digital files suitable for printing up to 8"x12". Files of bigger size are available at extra cost.

Can you include people in the pictures?
Of course! As long as your pets are in the pictures too :)

I have multiple pets, can you photograph all of them in one session?
Yes! No extra charge for addtional pets.

How do I book?
Go to contact page and find my contact information. Once you decide to book with me, you will need to sign the model release form before the session starts. No deposit is required for booking.

What is the model release form?
A model release is an agreement between the photographer and model which states that the model agrees to be photographed and agrees that the photographer is able to use the photograph as outlined in the document.

Since I purchased the pictures, do I own copyright of them?
According to US law, in general, when the shutter is released, the photographer who pressed the button owns the copyright. An exception is when the image falls into the “work for hire” category, for example, photographer working for a newspaper. So the simple answer is no.